“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

With the high level of demand, The London Dance Company are bringing dancers, the dance technique sessions of their dreams every single Tuesday and Fridays for all ages. Which includes our special class for under 9's


These classes offer extremely high standard lessons to the younger generation to form the groundwork of their dance career. It allows them to grow the skills that are required for all differing genres of dance. Like every class with The London Dance Company, it builds a safe environment for pupils to learn and grow at a quick rate, the accepting environment allows the students to feel confident and push themselves to the best of their ability.


Studio Classes

Tuesday 4pm - Dance Technique Under 9's

Friday 5pm - Dance Technique 10 +

Saturday 11am - Dance Technique Under 9's

"Forming the ground work of their

career "

With their progression, it is then hopeful that each pupil will audition for the Elite Competition Team and blossom into becoming a dancer that represents The London Dance Company at many different events and corporate gigs. The Elite Competition Team currently holds the National Title. The technique taught in these lessons will be invaluable to each and every student. Which will inspire the dancer to be a part of The London Dance Company's Competition Team.


These classes originated online following the UK’s Lockdown, and will now be carried through to the studio following their major success. Due to being so popular it is important to book your slot now, to ensure your space in class!

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

The London Dance Company caters for the many, and due to extremely high demand is now holding dance technique classes for the under 9’s. These lessons help create the groundwork for all aspiring young performers as it allows them to blossom and grow at a rapid rate.


With our teachers knowledge, it means all The London Dance Companies younger pupils that attend these classes will be stepping into the industry with all the required information and setting them up for the most successful career possible.


The London Dance Company creates a highly accepting and warm environment for each pupil to learn in, meaning all younger students will be growing in a safe enviroment which produces rapid results.

"When you loose all your excuses, you will then start finding your


Following the UK ‘s lockdown in conjunction with Covid19 it was imperative companies and artists adapted to the new age of technology. The London Dance Companies technique classes evolved to ensure each aspiring young artist was training in the way most beneficial to them.


Through Aaron’s extensive knowledge and training he has been pushing all young performers to achieve the best they possibly can, in a way that is safe for the body.


Through the huge positive feedback and turnout to these classes, TLDC has decided to continue online Zoom technique courses for those that cannot access them in our usual training location. This allows people up and down the UK to transform into the best dancers they can possibly be with Aarons expert understanding.


These online courses are held every Wednesday and Friday. Head over to our timetable section to reserve a spot now!


Online Classes via Zoom - Ending 30th August 2020

Tuesday 3pm - Dance Technique Under 9's

Tuesday 4pm - Dance Technique 10 +

Friday 3pm - Dance Technique Under 9's 

Friday 4pm - Dance Technique 10 +

Sunday 10am - Dance Technique Under 9's

Sunday 11am - Dance Technique 10 +